Sunday, 22 January 2012

Sunday, lazy Sunday!!!

I have not been too good this week, stinking cold has weighed me down; I had Monday off in the hope that if I stayed in bed and dosed up I would be okay but it didn't happen so I had to go into work for the rest of the week armed with tissues and paracetamol to counteract all the aches and other side effects that go with a cold. I am feeling brighter today, slight sore throat now and a tickly cough but otherwise not too bad!!

I spent part of yesterday baking cakes, I find it therapeutic and takes my mind off feeling rough or if anything is playing on my mind. I made 2 large coffee sponges and loads of chocolate chip cupcakes with chocolate buttercream icing and white chocolate sprinkles......well pleased with myself!!

The band gigged locally last night but as it was such a small club I did not go for fear of passing on my remaining germs!!! Shame because it was an excellent evening by all accounts.......I just hope next weekend is just as good when we are at Sutton Bridge, near Spalding in Lincolnshire.

Because of this damn cold I have not been able to see Max as it would not be fair to inflict my germs on him .......or his mum - Angela does not do colds very well!!! I have not been to see Kevin, Lucy, Alfie and Leah either as they have had enough of their fair share of colds .......mmmmmm won't say anything - will keep you all in suspenders, lol!!!

I have been debating a haircut again as my hair is getting quite long again and proving a chore to keep under control......I like it long but the hassle of keeping it tidy gets to me, but at the same time it looks nice when it is long.....decisions, decisons........and to be honest I have not seen a shorter style that inspires me much just lately either so guess it is going to have to stay long until I get the 'got to have it cut NOW' point!!

Rob and I ventured into Kettering town yesterday to go to a couple of shops......butchers, chemist, Marks and Sparks, etc. I was saddened to see the town has changed a lot; let me point out that I do go into Kettering occasionally but is just normally to the bank at the far end of town and back out again, yesterday was the first time in ages that we actually walked round to do some shopping and could not believe the empty shops. Unfortunately it is the same scenario in a lot of towns these days, but when I moved to Kettering from London in 1986 it seemed to be a thriving town with lots of promise and I was happy to settle there. We moved to just outside Kettering (to a small town called Burton Latimer) in 2001 and consequently don't have much need to go into Kettering town centre, hence the shock at seeing how it had with the news that Peacocks and Bon Marche are in receivership it looks like there may be 2 more empty shops to add to the list in the high street. Sad, so very sad.....and the immediate future does not appear too promising either as the local council don't appear to have a clue!!!

Anyway, time to go and sort Sunday dinner......roast chicken etc and all trimmings, followed by cherry pie and custard........yum!!  

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Kath said...

Well Joan,I think you did brill whilst feeling ill,all that baking.Iv'e cut down plenty now ont he baking side.Not just it don't get eaten living alone,but I have seen a differance in my service bill too(re-oven)on lots.Good to know the gig went well,hope you are well to enjoy the next one.There are lots of ghost towns now with the recession,it makes one wonder if the future is only going to be Supermarkets.Enjoy your Cherry Pie.(Thank God for Asda) Haaa,or is it a Morrisons.LOL!!!!!!Haaaaaaa Take Care God Bless Kath xxxx