Saturday, 14 January 2012

Happy Birthday Leah!!!

14th January 2008 was the day our lovely Grandaughter Leah came into the world so she is 4 years old today!!! She is a gorgeous girl, precocious but love her to pieces!!!
We are going to see her this afternoon, hopefully there may be a bit of birthday cake around, LOL!!! We also have her brother Alfie's birthday due a fortnight tomorrow....29th....when he will be the grand age of 6!!!

2nd week into the New Year just about done and dusted and I have to admit so far it has been a pretty good start......I won't get complacent tho cos when I do something comes along and kicks me in the stomach when I least expect it!!! I hate January as a rule, always strange as it is the run down after all the festivity of Christmas etc and also a tendency to be a grey month weatherwise, but today we are sporting lovely sunshine despite the very cold temperature out there; we woke to a heavy frost and both our dark green car's were very much white but the sun came out and hey presto it is like a nice spring day out there now!!!  

Robbie was at the dentist this morning for a moulding to be done for his new false teeth; we had hoped he would be sporting his new dentures in roughly 2 weeks from now, but it is now looking like 4 weeks as he has to go back for a couple more impressions to be done to ensure perfect fitting. He is surviving quite nicely with no teeth and gumming everything to pieces,  lol, he is quite happy at the moment but can't wait to have the dentures so he can resume eating favourite foods i.e pistachio's.......and steaks!!!!

We aren't out with the band tonight, having an evening off but as of next week it starts getting busy and are out most weekends till the end of March. Yep, it gets hectic but wouldn't have it any other way!!! Mind you I will be having an early night tonight as I am so very tired just lately, even after a decent nights sleep I still end up yawning all day and can't wait to get into bed.....beginning to wonder if I need to see the doc tho cos it has gone on quite some time now and it is beginning to get me down cos all I want to do is sleep!!!

Well, time to love you and leave you. I'm going to prepare a casserole and leave it to absorb the gravy so it is nice and tender when it is cooked later on. Then we are off to see Leah, hope she likes her birthday present!!!! Catch you later!!


Lainey Laine said...

Awwww happy birthday Leah. Can't believe how fast they are growing Joany! Lots of love xxxx

Kath said...

"Happy Birthday" to Leah Joan and what a fabulous photo that is of her.Early" Happy Birthday" too to little Alfie.It is freezing here with the thick whitefrosts yesterday and today Brrrrrrrr.Good Luck to Robbo with the teeth.I still carn't get used to mine and it's the worst thing I have ever had to do in my life (have them out).I had no choice though gum desease,but I regeret every day of them being pulled.They will eat nothing properly,it's such a flipping pain and I have had two sets made already since last March.Appointment in March again and I want some more making too.LOL!I'm gonna set a second hand shop up one day Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa.Have a great evening.Hope you enjoyed ya caserole.Talke Care God Bless Kath xxx

LYN said...

Happy Birthday to little Leah!