Sunday, 21 February 2010

Another Sunday!!

Hi, hope this Sunday is proving to be a nice one for you!! We are having a lazy day today and enjoying the sunshine that is coming in through the living room window - despite shedloads of snow still on the ground!!! Rob had a busy day yesterday shampooing carpets so the sun is finishing off helping dry the last damp bits out!!

I have been asked what the problem is with my knee and what the surgery is that I am having; well, basically I am having keyhole surgery (arthroscopy I think it is called) on my knee to do some remedial work - tightening the muscle round it I believe - following a lifetime of dislocations from the age of 7 when I ran in from Brownies one night, jumped in an armchair and dislocated it for the first time. When I dislocated it again in August that was the first time in 14years that I had done it badly and subsequently the team at the hospital decided it was time (with a bit of pushing from me) to do some preliminary work. I cannot, apparently, have a replacement until I am in my 60's but I have a sneaky feeling that they will find more damage in and around my knee than they are expecting when they get that jolly old microscope in there on the 27th!! I am on edge about it but it has to be done so I will be trying to counteract my nerves as much as possible before next Saturday!!!!

On that subject.....of next Saturday.....I am a little unsure of what is happening after that; at the moment only the outcome of the surgery will tell me how long I have to be off work and what my work situation will be as at present my current post ends - in theory - at the end of March but I won't be returning to it so I am leaving this friday after 27 months. I have been told not to worry as there will be other work ready for me when I am fit to return to work but my main worry is that I end up being off longer than the maximum 6 weeks they suggest at the hospital - I am hoping it will only be 4 weeks maximum .........but I won't know until next saturday when I come round after the surgery - I am not the best after anaesthetic so I just hope I am coherent enough to understand what they tell me!!

I've coloured my hair again today!! Supposed to be Morello Cherry but never comes out the colour they suggest on the box but then that would be too simple wouldn't it???Just hope the colour it is finally does not clash with my clothes, LOL!!! I've also booked to have it trimmed and restyled on friday cos it is just too long again.......well the top layers that is!!! A girl needs to look good when she is going under the knife, LOL, especially as this one will not have any make up on!!! On that subject as well I look real pasty faced without makeup - pale is not the word, LOL!!

I am off to cook our dinner now......roast beef but no yorkshires cos I have run out of eggs so Rob not impressed, LOL!!! So on that note I will say ttfn and catch you again later in the week!!!

love to you all.....

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Long time no see!!!!

Yay, I am back!!!!!! Been wanting to get back for a while but kept putting it off - why I don't know....but possibly cos I spent too much time on facebook, LOL!!!

So much to say but not sure where to start!!! It seems like forever since I was last here so forgive me if I repeat anything that was said the last time I dropped in.......blame it on my age, LOL!!!

As I type I am sitting patiently waiting for the plumber to arrive!! We have not had heating for over a week now......well the central heating that is.......since the boiler decided to stop functioning fully!!! We have got hot water thankfully and a gas fire in the living room but that has been it - you don't realise how much you rely on the central heating to keep you warm until it malfunctions!!!! It has not helped that we have had a considerable amount of snow fall in the last 2 days so it is more than a bit cold!!!!
This time next Saturday I will be having surgery on my knee, albeit keyhole surgery but I am hoping it will be a success to improve the problem with my knee until I can have the major stuff done in a few years time!!! I am nervous but then I always am when it comes to surgery so I just can't wait until it is all over........hopefully home again on the same day!!!
I am about to leave the job I have been doing for the past 2+ years with the local Community Mental Health team; I am sad to be leaving but have no choice.......the funding has run out for the post and the job will cease to exist once I leave so I can't even apply for the job that has been mine for 27 months.
I think when I last wrote our Sascha was just a wee puppy of a few months, well she is now a bouncy 2yr old with so much energy!!!! She has the intelligence of her German Shepherd daddy and the energy and willfullness of her Border Collie mum - an intriquing combination and we definitely cannot outwit her, LOL!!! She is definitely a daddies dog though...does not give me the time of day at all when Rob is around!!!
Anyway, time to fly as it is Saturday and shopping day!!! I am so pleased to have got back into the blog......still not like J-land but nothing ever will be!!! Will catch you later!!! loads of love to all my friends (if you are still reading!!!).