Sunday, 21 October 2012

My Dukan journey into week 2

Its me again!!! Back as promised, lol!!

Well I am now into the 2nd week of the Dukan plan.....Attack phase (which is just pure proteins )ended Friday night and I started the Cruise phase (Proteins and selected veg but definitely not peas or potatoes) on Saturday. You also have to drink at least one and a half litres of water a day but that could also include diet drinks and tea and coffee with skimmed milk....oh and not forgetting the 1.5oz of bran daily. 

My weight loss for the 1st week was 5lb but I also lost some inches and managed to slide into a nice new pair of trousers one size down!!! I had been exercising as well and going for a walk with the dog so that helped as well!!

I have never felt so in control on a weight loss plan as I do with this one. I am not getting any urges to eat the things I shouldn't (chocolate, all things unhealthy etc) and feeling totally happy with what I am eating and the foods I can eat are unlimited. The one thing I have discovered though is that Diet coke does not agree with me so that is being kicked into touch, lol!!!

I have to admit my ever suffering husband Rob was dubious (He had heard it all before apparently.......and I will agree with that) at the start as I have attempted to do a few other diets since piling the weight back on after I had my bad fall and my huge weight loss with Slimming World went down the pan, but he now sees that I am determined and although it will take me some time (at least 9 months apparently) I WILL see it through and I WILL get the result I am aiming for!!! Plus I am learning a helluva lot from the Dukan plan book about nutrition and the rights and wrongs of what we eat and its long term effects on our bodies!!

Anyway, I will say ttfn for now and catch you again next week!!!

Love to you all


Tuesday, 16 October 2012

A fresh start

I have been missing for quite some time.......again!!! I have slapped my own wrist just in case any of you were wondering!!!

As some of you know I have had an ongoing battle with my weight but did successfully lose almost 6 stone over 4 years ago and managed to keep it off until one day in August 2009 when I fell in a pothole, dislocated my knee and needless to say the weight piled back on!! I tried a few times to lose it again but my amazing and wonderful consultant at Slimming world had left and the 3 attempts I had at rejoining over the last few years have prooved a waste of time due to the consultants only being interested in bums (large ones!!) on seats and failed to inspire me!!! Anyway, back in June I was finally put on treatment for an underactive thyroid and also joined a Facebook page for people with an Underactive Thyroid discussing everything from bad GP's not recognising that although your tft blood tests say borderline you have all the symptoms to general support for fellow 'sufferer's and giving advice if possible.....all in all just to be there to support one another. Anyway, a couple of weeks back on this particular page someone asked where everyone was from and I happened to mention I was living in Northants but originated from Hampstead in North London. The next day a fellow page user commented that she knew Hampstead and mentioned a few streets, including the one where I lived as I grew up. Basically it turned out that she had been the girlfriend of my then best friends brother and I remembered her from a couple of brief meetings!! Small world or what, especially as she now lives in Cyprus!! We have chatted a lot since and I happened to mention that I am struggling with my weight - one of the side effects of Underactive Thyroid. She told me she had lost 14kg on a diet plan called the Dukan and I was eager to know more. After a lot of chatting on FB, I ordered the book and I started the plan on Saturday just gone.

Now the Dukan plan is a bit extreme but it has been well researched and it works, plus my GP is happy for me to continue on it as she knows it has been well researched and was formulated by a Doctor in France. It has 4 phases and I am currently in the first phase, called attack, whereby I have to just eat Proteins in the form of meat (except Lamb and Pork), chicken, fish, eggs and fat free yogurt/cheese, plus some oatbran daily (to help keep 'things' working if you get my drift!!!).........oh and plenty of water and sugar free drinks! So far I am enjoying it, I do love meat and therefore it is not a struggle for me. Once I have finished this current phase I will then move onto introducing vegetables - but no potatoes or rice  - just green/red veg and have them on alternate days. No fussy weighing and faffing around with portion control, lol!!!

Basically I am going to use this blog to chart my progress!!! I will only say what I have lost......I won't be saying what I weigh (not good, lol) but I will say the plan has given me a realistic goal to aim for unlike the charts you see at some Slimming Clubs with silly goals and are not feasible for your body structure unless you are a tiny frame, which I am defitinetly not, lol!! My first weight check will be Saturday and I can't wait to see what I have lost in my first week!! Incidentally I am not doing it online as it is too expensive but having read the book I am sure I can go it alone with support from both my friend and other FB users. 

On that note I will say ttfn and will come back on Saturday to update my progress.
Loads of love to you all!!