Saturday, 28 February 2009

Its Saturday again, LOL!!!

Well, here we are again on the eve of another Month!!!! Where does time go.....?? I have never known months fly by like this - perhaps it is because I work full time now (for the past 14 months and still not a permanent member of staff!!!) and time does go quicker because of that....I don't know!!! All I know is that before we know it we will be in April and we will have Easter, LOL!!! At least I am now in the 4wk countdown to our holiday in Scotland and I can't wait!!!
We have finally got cheesed off with bt and sky....well mainly bt because of their extortionate prices, it is all in the small print that no-one reads, LOL, and as for sky we have got so fed up with paying crazy prices for a poor content - paying for the movies yet it is all rubbish!! We have ordered Virgin's hd package and with phone and broadband we will still be better off by 56.25 a month and that is including a 2nd set top box; we used to be with NTL and had no problems with the service but left because we wanted to go wireless and in the early days you could only do that if you had a bt line, but now you can go wireless with Virgin so we are going back (NTL by a different name) so to speak!!! Not sure when it will be but hopefully soon! Will no doubt have a major row with BT but bring it on cos we have spent more time offline in the last year, thanks to them, than we ever were in the 12yrs with aohell!!!!!
Since my last entry I have lost another 7lbs, and am now down into another stone!!! A few people did not think I would keep to the plan or stay off chocolate but I have proved them wrong!!! The only drawback is that I cannot keep buying new clothes to keep up with the loss so the washing machine is working overtime to keep up with me with what little stuff I have for my current size!!! The main thing is though I am feeling good and beginning to feel very happy with myself!!
I have decided to start a new jigsaw today; i've been threatening to for weeks now and had sorted my edges out but things have happened and I just did not get any further with it, but I will surprise Rob when he gets home from work (he has been moaning at me to get it started!!) with it - plus it will be better as the days are brighter which will make it easier to do it in natural light as opposed to electric light!!
Anyway, time for me to go and empty the washing machine as it is beeping at me big time!!! I'll catch up again very soon......!!!
loads of love to everyone
Joan xxxx