Saturday, 6 March 2010

A week on

Hello everyone!!!
This time last week I was under the knife, so to speak! This week I am free of pain and now managing with just one crutch as opposed to the 2 I came home with. I am due to have the stitches out on Monday and I hope to be back driving next weekend!! I had hoped for a successful outcome but this, so far, is more than I could have wished for!!!! I have not taken any of the painkillers I was given on leaving hospital and apart from the initial day or so of feeling under the weather it has all been very plain sailing and good progress. I had physio on tuesday and had a good response from them - I have already got 50% bend back into my knee and I think I have improved on that since then!! I was scared of the end result but so far, so good!!! First thing I asked when I was back on my feet was how soon can I get back into my heels, LOL!! I am now bored with being at home and want to go back to work........I have been signed off for 4 weeks (1 down, 3 to go) but I seriously think I can go back to work in a weeks time - I am a quick healer so that is probably why I am thinking that way, but I will see how things go in this coming week - besides I can't go back to work until I am okay to drive!!!!

The sun is glorious today and we have turned the heating off which is a doubt it will go back on briefly later on to take the evening chill away ........looks like Spring may be just round the corner. I have a window open and the fresh air is very spring like, no hint of the snowy smell we had for weeks - I just may go and sit in the garden for a short while when I have finished this.

I have 2 interviews this week coming - one on Monday and another on Tuesday - fingers crossed one of them is successful!!! I need a permanent job with all the benefits - being a temp has other benefits but if I am ill or have a holiday I don't get paid,,,,,,,,,another reason to get back to work before the 4 weeks is up - we are close to being skint, LOL, not really but things are a bit tight without my wage coming in!!!!! A  little win on the lottery would be just nice at the moment, not a big amount but just a bit to help us till we get back on an even keel!!

I am off to go and sit in the garden for a short while now; hopefully you all have the same sunshine we have here in Northants. I will catch up with you again soon. Love to you all....