Sunday, 21 October 2012

My Dukan journey into week 2

Its me again!!! Back as promised, lol!!

Well I am now into the 2nd week of the Dukan plan.....Attack phase (which is just pure proteins )ended Friday night and I started the Cruise phase (Proteins and selected veg but definitely not peas or potatoes) on Saturday. You also have to drink at least one and a half litres of water a day but that could also include diet drinks and tea and coffee with skimmed milk....oh and not forgetting the 1.5oz of bran daily. 

My weight loss for the 1st week was 5lb but I also lost some inches and managed to slide into a nice new pair of trousers one size down!!! I had been exercising as well and going for a walk with the dog so that helped as well!!

I have never felt so in control on a weight loss plan as I do with this one. I am not getting any urges to eat the things I shouldn't (chocolate, all things unhealthy etc) and feeling totally happy with what I am eating and the foods I can eat are unlimited. The one thing I have discovered though is that Diet coke does not agree with me so that is being kicked into touch, lol!!!

I have to admit my ever suffering husband Rob was dubious (He had heard it all before apparently.......and I will agree with that) at the start as I have attempted to do a few other diets since piling the weight back on after I had my bad fall and my huge weight loss with Slimming World went down the pan, but he now sees that I am determined and although it will take me some time (at least 9 months apparently) I WILL see it through and I WILL get the result I am aiming for!!! Plus I am learning a helluva lot from the Dukan plan book about nutrition and the rights and wrongs of what we eat and its long term effects on our bodies!!

Anyway, I will say ttfn for now and catch you again next week!!!

Love to you all


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