Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Stuff on a Tuesday!!

Hmmm, where to start!!

I guess I could tell you all about our ditzy Sascha! She loves TV and this morning surpassed herself with watching a Jack Russell on BBC's breakfast show; said JR was doing lots of tricks and Sascha so wanted to play with it......so much so she fetched one of her toys and put it in front of the tv screen (on the tv stand) in the hope the JR would pick it up and play with her!!! She was whining at the tv big time, then when she found that the JR had gone she went round the few soft toys I have round the room (Meerkats - courtesy of Compare the Meerkat.com, white lions - from W Midlands Safari and Pudsey to name but a few) trying to get them to play, lol!!! Don't you just love pets....especially daft doggies!!!!!!

I have been naughty!!! I have been searching for my all time favourite Lindt Chocolate bar for ages.....Raspberry liquid.......and no shops round here sell it! Imagine my joy when I found that it is alive and well on the Lindt website, so I ordered some.....along with orange and strawberry to make up the minimum order value. Said bar's arrived this morning and I have to say the urge to eat some is fast getting the better of me!!! I am surprised I have lasted this long and did not succumb to taking some to work with me!! Yes, I know I should not be eating chocolate as I need to lose the weight I put back on after my fall a couple of years ago but I've not had the delicious raspberry choc for many moons (and some!!) so I will have some later, relish every piece and make it last a very long time.........I might even let Robbie have some, LOL!!!

I have just been browsing through some of the blogs on my dashboard.......one made me laugh and cry at the same time; laugh in that the lovely lady that wrote the blog was sooo funny and I loved her to pieces as a friend....we even joked that we shared the same husband!!! Cried with the knowledge that she is no longer with us and it is almost a year since she left us, yes I am talking about the lovely Angie of 'Can you hear me at the back'. Just days before she went into hospital we had an inane conversation resulting with us planning a holiday on a cruise ship without the menfolk (which would probably have never come about but it was lovely thinking about it, lol), and with all the crew at our beck and call cos we were so special, lol!!! She was a star and I miss her so much!!

Anyways, time to go and sort dinner for us humans and open a can or two of mutley nums for our Sascha.....she is definitely fit as a Butchers dog, lol, wish I had her energy!!!!

Love to you all 

Joan  xxx


Missie said...

Sasha is beautiful! I love to watch how dogs react to TV. Have a great rest of your day. I'm glad you're back blogging.

Kath said...

LoL!!at Satsha,as for Angie,I go back to old blogs which are still online, many times Joan.The thing with Angie was,when we used to chat on the phone,we had to book a night off from everything,as we used to yap for hrs,but it had to be after Corrie haaaaaaa.Oh she was funny.I loved her to miny balls,we had fun chatting in our South Yorkshire accent as she use to call it.1year on the 30th since we lost her.One day we will meet again.Take Care Joan God Bless Kath xxx

Barb said...

Sasha really is beautiful. What a joy she must be. We've always had pets but after having to put our last dog down decided our hearts just weren't into it any more.
As for the treat you managed to locate. KUDOS! I have been searching all over the place for a special candy...the original carmel. There are so many out but none that taste like they used too. Enjoy your treat. And have an awesome day. Glad you're posting.

LYN said...

Hey if a bit of choccy can make you happy go for it!! your dog is lush!!

REGINA said...

somehow i managed to miss following your blog originally. may i say, as a writer, i can tell you that your style of writing is amazing. do you write professionally? if not, you should. (i am an administrator for a poetry site, so if you are interested, i will give the link. email me at wumzels2@aol.com.)

i love your dog, and he isn't crazy. he is lonely....lol. wants another doggy to play with. lol. i don't currently have a doggy, but i love them, and love their antics. i wish i could have seen this occur. one of my kitties stares at the tv when there is a point of light moving, or either a bird flying around the screen.

i lost a dear blogging friend too, and i used to go to her blog and read again, and in the end wanting her to be alive again so we could talk. i miss her dearly. but her son and boyfriend took her blog down, so now all i have are things i saved. thank you for sharing your new post with us.