Saturday, 7 April 2012

Naughty me!!

Well, yours truly has been naughty and not blogged since January!!!

Lots been going on but nothing, unfortunately that was worth blogging about.......apart from the fact we are going to be grandparents again in August!!

Easter has, so far, been a strange weekend!! I am baout to go and visit my friend Lynn from schooldays, we have only been back in touch again for 18 months or so and still doing a lot of catching is great tho cos it is as though we have not lost touch at all!!!

Tomorrow we are going to visit Virginia Water in Royal Windsor Park, then having some special time with my good friend Penny.....she is cooking us Roast Dinner as well!!!

As for Monday, well that is yet to be decided.....but I doubt it will be a relaxed day if my normal routines are anything to go by!!!

Anyway, I will love you and leave you for now......will be taking pics tomorrow so watch this space, lol x

Loads of love


REGINA said...

you let me down, after leading me on, with that title. lol. congrats on the grandparent thing. and can't wait to see your photos from tomorrow.

as for seeing your school friend, i think that is wonderful. my two best friends from high school have both passed on. one in her late 20's and one in her 30's. they would be 58 now. so enjoy your time together and make lots of memories.

Lainey Laine said...

Oh good luck with the dinner with Penny, lol sorry me being cynical but you know what I think about her! Sorry Joany!

Lovely to see u blogging! I just can't seem to be bothered to do mine, I start and then stop, then start, then stop lol.

Let's hope we can chat soon. Sorry I've not been around much for you Joany xxxxxxx

Jan said...

Hi Joan great to see an entry ,made me feel guilty ,but the blogs have all changed help Jan xx

Lori said...

Congratulations on the coming new grandbaby!

Barb said...

Hi, so glad you're blogging again. Congrats on the grandchild.

ADB said...

Congratulations on your imminent grandparentship this summer.