Friday, 10 October 2008

Well I am looking again!!!!

Well, the inevitable has happened and my car has been written off!! I was partly prepared for it but it still came as a bit of a blow!! Plus they took my courtesy car away today so I am car-less until I get some money through for my car!!! I just may get a chieftain tank this time......hit me if you dare!!! I had not expected the courtesy car to have been taken so soon but hey ho, it has happened so I have to live with it! Getting to & from work is another matter now but I will worry about that on Sunday evening, if it comes to it then I will just have to use Robs car and then run him to work in my lunch break then collect him later when he is finished; it will mean a lot of running round for me but at the end of the day cheaper than hiring a 2nd car!! The bus service here is just not good either so I could not use that option and a taxi twice a day would be approx £15.00+ each day, so doing extra journeys for running Rob to work and back so I can use the car as well for a short while will be the best of the options until I am mobile again in my own right! I am pretty sure what I am going for this time but I am not saying what it is until it is finalised......all I will say is that it will be a case of 'hit me now you bxxxxxds!!'

I have got over the worst of my chest infection; I am still coughing a bit but nowhere near like I was! I am stressed but I think I am excused that at the moment!! Other than that I am feeling quite okay I think!!! Rob gets concerned about me but then again I would be concerned if he was not concerned .....I think that makes sense!!! I always know when I am stressed, the skin on my thumbs (only my thumbs which is wierd) cracks and starts bleeding if they get very dry......strange how stress causes things like that, I have a friend that breaks out in a pink rash through stress and another that gets a blotchy face!! Stress has a lot to answer for!!

Anyway, I am off to make a cup of coffee.....(no I am not reaching for the choccy under stress either) and then probably head to my bed as I am tired after a long and eventful day!!!

Loads of love to you all



Jeannette said...

So sorry about the car and all the trouble you will have to go to running around all over the place.

Jenny said...

I hope the coffee is decaf or you won't sleep.
Jenny <><

Chris/cacklinrosie101 said...

My goodness, sounds like across the pond here. They grab the loaner cars off just as fast. Glad you you are feeling better and hope you can get your car situation sorted out soon. xx

Kath said...

Aww Joan sorry you havn't a car anymore.I will pray things improve quickly for you all.I am not a driver so I cannot know what it must be lieke to be without the car.Convenient as they are I do understan where youare coming from.Yrs ago when I was younger all my hands used to break out and th eskin would crack if I was down and stressed,but not had that for yrs but it was terrible OUCH.Keep your chin up lve.Thinking of you.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

Joan said...

Sorry about the car Joan, you are so unfortunate but seeing the way people drive now I am not surprised. LOve Joan.