Sunday, 12 October 2008

Found One!!!

Well, this is the vehicle I have chosen to replace the Omega!! Definitely a 'hit me if you dare'!! It is a Landrover Freelander and it took one helluva day yesterday to track a decent one down.

I had seen an older one not far from where I work and quite liked the look of it (we even got as far as sitting in it and starting the engine up, lol) but the place where it was for sale was not really my choice of a car dealer (a portakabin and land space that is getting smaller by the week, LOL) to get a vehicle from. So a search was done on the Autotrader website and we went travelling yesterday to find the few I had selected. We went furthest away first (about 30 miles...the other side of Peterborough), and the one that we had seen pics of looked lovely in burgundy and immaculate....haha, joke on us.....when we got to the 'garage' the car was away from the bulk of the vehicles and sporting that many scratches that it was a prime candidate for a total respray!! Needless to say we did not even get further than glancing at it and promptly left!! We then went to see another in dark blue which I test drove, again it had a few scratches but would have t-cut out but on the test drive it was not very responsive accelerator wise which was a blessing in disguise cos the brakes were virtually non existent!! Again we gave it a definite thumbs down and by this time I was feeling pretty fed up, but I did not give up as we went and looked at a 3 door (not practical but it looked good) which again we decided against, however the garage owner did give us a few tips and alternatives to think of & look at, but you know what it is like when you decide you want something in won't leave you!!

Anyway, feeling pretty hungry and thirsty we came home and after some sustainance I did another search on the auto trader site.....this time 2 more appeared that I swear were not there in the previous search and wayhay they were local and not 30 odd miles away!!!! Anyway, off we went - post cuppa - to the 1st garage which is in our local high street (that is close!!) and we came across the above Freelander! Now I have never done green cars , my father hated them and I have never felt an incling to get one either, especially in dark green, but I thought heyho I'll give it a whirl especially as it had no scratches or marks on it whatsoever, immaculate inside as well; it is not a normal metallic green - it has a sort of glitter in the paint as though a glitter top coat has been put on it....very sparkly!!! Needless to say it drove very well but the sun roof opened (we test everything!!) and would not close!!! We decided to see what deal he could offer....quite a good one as it happened and then went away to test drive yet another one whilst we mulled over the guys offer. The final one was at the garage where we got Rob's Frontera 4 x 4 from; it was the newest of the lot on an x plate and looked a really nice burgundy.....then the guy started it up!!! rattled and did not sound too clever but we still decided to take it for a run just in case the rattle was just on starting up after being stood for a while. To say I had my foot flat to the floor when accellerating and struggled to get 50mph out of it is an understatement!! Even going through the gears the accelleration was non be honest I think we were lucky to get back to the garage without conking out!! When we got back to the garage with it he started offering us all sorts of 'freebies' i.e 36mths warranty, 12 months tax, free servicing including the parts!!......alarm bells started ringing with both Rob and I ....... just why did he want to sell it so badly in offering all that? So as you can gather we settled on the green baby and it came to the garage we are getting it from via a very reputable vauxhall maindealer........and because the sun roof does not work properly (it can be fixed eventually) he is putting 12mths tax on as well, and a good warranty. So now I just have to wait for the monies to clear from the settlement of my write off and I will soon have it sitting outside the house!!! Robs only complaint about it was that he slid around on the leather seats, LOL, so he would need velcro on his trousers to stay in one place!!!

As I write this Sascha is sat at the side of me and is watching Animal Park on the tv and is totally fascinated by the Lions!! She is such a tv addict........anything involving animals definitely keeps her occupied, plus if she see's anything with a ball or similar she tries to chase it and when it goes off the screen goes looking for it!! She is one crazy doggy!!

The sun is shining again!! It was lovely and warm yesterday so here is hoping we reach similar temps one point when we were out in the car the external temp reached 23c which was lovely, only drawback was that I had a long grey angora jumper on with long sleeves and cowl neck so I was cooking!!! I just may venture out and do some more pruning back of the last of the roses if it gets warmer after lunch!!

I still have not figured out how to transfer my StrannyDayze over as I keep getting the 'email does not exist' sign. Do I have to create a new google account with my aol address or can I do it another way using my new bt email addy without the damn email does not exist sign once I am signed in? Arrgh, I don't want to lose StrannyDayze but the way it is going it looks like I might!

Anyway, to you all and enjoy the rest of the weekend!!

Joan xxxxxxx


Jeannette said...

Well your persistance paid off, looks like a nice vehicle. Wish I could help on the journals thing. Go to Magic Smoke, they are dealing with all the problems there. They could well help you.

Jenny said...

They will certainly bounce off you now if they come near. Hope it all goes well.
Jenny <><

Joan said...

Glad you found something thats the same car a our son drives and he loves it. Have a good day. Love Joan.

Chris/cacklinrosie101 said...

Wow, I love the color and love Landrovers. I always buy an extended warranty because I have the worst luck with things. I sure hope people steer clear of this vehicle of yours. With the migration, I think you use your AOL SN and google password first and then your AOL SN and AOL password second. It sort of messed me up because mine are a bit different for each one. Hope you get it moved. xx

Lainey Laine said...

Hey my Joany Joan - I just caught up with you - I really feel a bit lost with this new bloggy thing - I do find it hard to keep up with peoples!

So glad you finally settled on the 'green' car. Its funny isnt it how people dont like green cars. My mum always said they were bad luck but I think the new greens are much better now.

I dont know how to transfer my aol blogs over either - I havent got a clue!!

Laine xxxxxx

Kath said...

Great car Joan very posh.I got kicked offline by aol after our chat Friday and only got back in today after having to get my own technition out Grrrrr.I hope the car serves you for many journeys safely,and th eidiots keep clear of you.You Take Care Love the sound of sparkly green Whoo-Hoo.
God Bless Kath xx

ADB said...

Nice set of wheels there, Joan, enjoy.


michele said...

hi joan, looks like a good car!! have fun with it!
take care
mrs t xx

Angie said...

Lovely car. Now listen, stay away from careless drivers!

love, Angie, xx

Odds Bodkins. said...

Good luck with the new car, but you do know that green is, supposedly, an unlucky colour..? ;O)

B. x