Saturday, 4 October 2008

Oh no, not again!!

What is it with me? On thursday my car was hit big time by another driver and I will possibly have yet another written off car on my hands!! To say I am not happy is an understatement because if my Manager had done his job properly I would not have been in that position to be hit!! Yes I am angry, very angry because I should have been at home trying to get rid of this damn chest infection when I got a phone call to say that I had an hour and a half to get my time sheet signed before cut off for that weeks time sheets!! I had been told the sheet had already been signed off but it appears my ditzy manager had photocopied and not signed it! Needless to say I could not afford to go another week without that wage so I had to go out to get it done.....that is when the accident happened and I have a loan car yet again!! To add to it the perpetrator disappeared as soon as I said I was calling the Police (mainly to do with the debris on the road) but not before my witness (a lovely lady called Sue) took the vehicle details etc......the culprit even left his car parked up!! Needless to say the cops were not happy at him disappearing but they have tracked him down I believe so at least he will be bought to justice as we believe he may not have been driving 'in accordance with the law', mind you I hasten to add that is just pure supposition but why else would you disappear when you know the police are going to be attending?? I now have to wait until I get the decision from the repairers but I am prepared for bad news and this time I have removed everything from the car just in is not nice having to go and retrieve things from your vehicle once it has been given the thumbs down!!! This time if it is written off I am going to by a chieftain tank.....write that one off I dare you!!!!

Anyway, I was planning on this 2nd entry to be more of my bad luck so please forgive me!!

You will no doubt notice a bit of a change in our Sascha!! She is now 8 months old and bigger than Sam already! She is full of life and an incredibly waggy tail. She loves water (I can't even wash my hair without her poking her nose in!!) and keeps us on our toes big time! I will try and post a video of her soon!!
To me the pics are a bit haphazard but I will sort myself out at some point with them. I am keeping StrannyDayze open until the very end but I think all my postings will be here until then.....I have put a bye bye on there so if you want to pop over and read it then click on: . I could not bring myself to call this Stranny Dayze 2 so that is why I am Dayzed again, LOL!!
ttfn, loads of love to you all.


Jan said...

Hio Joan,that was a sickener about your car ,I hope the guy is suitably punished ,it was annoying also that you neednt have made that trip ,Sasha has grown and full of it Ibet you forget how boisterous pups can be dont you ..heehee ....Love Janxx

Chris/cacklinrosie101 said...

That's darned shame about your car. I'd be hopping mad also. Your Saschs ia a cutie pie! xx

Marie said...

Joan I am so sorry to hear that you have again had a bangup with your car!!! (((hugs))) How annoying, especially when it isn't your fault. As Todd and I have learned, it always costs us money regardless...and puts our insurance premiums up as well as both times we have been hit, it's been hit and runs!

Ally Lifewithally said...

Joan the main thing is you are OK ~ ( I hope you are ) you can always replace a car ~ Sasha sure has grown ~ Ally x

Joan said...

Hi Joan, sorry to hear about your car you are so unlucky.Puppies can be such a handful they don's seem to get tired. Great pictured. LOve Joan

Jeannette said...

I am so very sorry about the car, what a bummer. Well, I hope he gets his especially if he was breaking the law. Beautiful picture of a beautiful dog.

Lainey said...

Well Ive found you at last!!! I thought I had found you once but obviously I didnt!! Awww its sad to see stranny dayze go but its lovely to see you now here on blogger. So so sorry about your car!!! Awwwww Sasha is gorgeous. Love Lainey xxxxxx

Angie said...

Oh deary me, Joan - it could only happen to you! They could nearly make a telly series. Actually, when you think about it, it has everything a good Soap needs: adventure, disaster, romance, pets, family, the boys in the band (and girls) - and a central character, JOAN!! ITV or BBC?

Great to see you over here. I've put me down as a 'follower'. Don't know if that means they'll alert me or what but if not I'll look in from time to time.

love, Angie, xx

Denise said...

Oh no about the car, but pleased you are ok xx

michele said...

hi joan,sorry to hear about the car. Sacha is looking lovely growing up so quick! your new blog is looking great!
my new blog is and
take care
mrs t xx

Sandra said...

How awful about your poor car Joan, and as for the driver taking off like that, it`s a disgrace. I hope they get done for leaving the scene! take care and I hope you feel better soon.

Love Sandra xxxx

Sara said...

That's terrible... damaging your car like that and then just driving away. I'm glad that you had a witness m'dear.

Feel better soon.


Jenny said...

What a shame about the car. Someone went into ours the day we was going to see about changing it and had been offered a good deal. Needless to say it never happened.
Jenny <><