Friday, 29 March 2013

52.5lb and counting!!!

Hiya everyone!!

Me again, just when you thought I had fallen off the planet......again......I am back again like the proverbial bad penny, lol!!

As you can see from the title I have now lost a total (so far) of 52.5lb which is almost 4 stone since October 13th last year.....just over 5 months. I haven't felt so well for ages and I have not been this light in 12 years!! Last time I was losing the weight I fell in a pothole and dislocated my knee badlly which totally scuppered my weight loss progress so I am avoiding all potholes, lol!!

It is Easter weekend and I don't have any chocolate in the house apart from the grandchildrens eggs and not one hot cross bun has passed my lips....albeit very tempting the plan I am on does not allow carbohydrates of any kind apart from Oatbran!! There have been times when it has been hard to keep to it but keep to it I have and I will continue to keep to it until I reach my target weight which I should achieve, at this rate, by August/September!!! By the way the flowers in the picture are from a friend congratulating me on my achievement so far.....the small box of chocs are hidden away so I am not tempted by them, lol!!

I should really be out in the garden today pruning back my roses ready for the summer but it is too damn cold out there to even think about it!!! We had snow again this morning whilst we were out shopping and it was bitter!! We have to go out again tomorrow so hopefully it will be a tad warmer......won't hold my breath tho cos looking at the sky it looks like it is going to be a very chilly Easter altogether!! Roll on summer, I don't like it too hot but anything is better than below freezing temperatures; mind you I just might cope with the heat better this year with the pounds falling off!

Anyway my friends, I will love you and leave you....I now have to get to grips with installing our new internet router; we have been lucky to have our speed tripled from 20mb to 60mb but the new speed needs a new fast router and we opted for self install....mmmmm, wonder if that was such a good idea, lol??!

TTFN lovely people, till the next time


Jan said...

Hi Joan ,lovely to see a post from you ,I did one today too ,(great minds and all that)You have done so well with your diet ,I am glad to hear your will power is still strong,keep it up my dear,proud of you . Have a restful Easter Jan xx

Barb said...

I am so very proud of you. Kudos!