Saturday, 7 August 2010

If things don't change, they'll stay the same!!

Where do I start???
I can't believe I have not been on here since March; things have changed a lot since then!! I have been in a new posting since the end of March, Rob has changed bands & is very busy gigging (that being said Ayleys Comet still exists & we still gig as & when) and is back with his friends from a previous band, I've gone from working part time hours back to full time (as near as dammit) and back to working the other side of Northampton (something I vowed I would not do again but I love the job!!). ,,,,,,,,and there is more but I will tell more when I am back settled into blogging again!!!!

How is everyone here??? Well I hope; I seem to spend a lot of time on Facebook these days (some may say too much, LOL) but in theory it seems to have replaced J-land in my affections as a lot of folks from those happy J-land days are on facebook! Some pop in now and then and I am always happy to see their names appear on status's, others are there every day like me and again it is great to keep up with them! Yep, I still use a lot of the graphics some of the talented j-land people so kindly shared with us and I miss the community that was J-land still, after all this time - it was a unique community and something that I don't think will ever be replaced!!

Yes life is reasonably okay at the moment, but complacency is not something I let in to my world very much nowadays as sure as eggs is eggs something will come along and kick you in the guts if you become too complacent over things; I have learnt not to take anything for granted nowadays so I now take each day as it comes......if I am running round like a headless chicken one day and bored out of my box the next then so be it!!! If I want to chill out one day then I will and make up for it the next day. I have finally reached the decision that life is what you make it and worrying don't get you anywhere other than in a right mess. Yep, I think I may have finally grown up but then again I can still be the 18yr old that is still in my heart and needs to escape from time to time..............LOL!!!!

The surgery I had on my knee back at the end February seems to have been a success, but I have since been told I have not got any bone left behind my knee cap to speak of!! So far there has been no pain (which was a constant factor in my life since I very first disclocated it at the age of 7) which is a bonus, but I worry about the lack of bone......what will it be like by the time I am in my 60's??? Fingers crossed it will get betterer and betterer, LOL, but again there remains the prospect of further surgery when I am older.........................possibly a complete knee replacement at some point.

Anyway, time to go and do some ironing.....unfortunately it stays creased when I do it in my mind, LOL!!!! I will be back soon when I am not planning on an evening out and needing to get things done before Rob gets home (yep he is doing overtime!) wanting his dinner, LOL!!

love to you all,


Jan said...

Hi Joan so nice to see an entry from you ,full of news ,Actually face book just doesnt do it for me ,nice to say hi in passing the other evening ,when I popped in to see what my family are up to ,lol ,so Icontinue to blog ,though not nearly as often ,Please pay me a visit ,Iexpect your Grandchildren are growing up now ,not babies anymore Jan xx

Odds Bodkins. said...

Hi Joan,

Nice to hear from you. I didn't write in my blog for a year but once I'd got my feet back under the table it was okay.
I can't stand facebook myself and even though a lot of friends and family are on it, I avoid it like the plague.

I trust the knee will last you out. I've had a knee replacement and, although it's good, it's not as good as a real one.

B. x

Aileen said...

Hello! Joan

Nice to hear how you are doing....
You 'helped' me, when first on AOL, remember?. 5yrs in November for me.Not around so much with poor health, and going in for Surgery again on 17th.Allan was made redundant at Christmas so not a good year for us.


Angie said...

JOAN! MATE! Welcome back. You have been a busy bee haven;t you.

Facebook isn't for me either, nor Twitter. I did have a little dabble in FB but couldn't be bothered.

Am I the only person who doesn't regret J/land's demise? I never could see - and can't now - why former j/landers dislike blogger so much. I've always found blogger much easier to navigate and more reliable - probably because there;s no AOHell input. I still can't see why my typing hasn't improved though!

Jenny said...

Hi, fancy seeing you here as the saying goes. I'm trying to get back into blogging again although facebook still has a strong pull. See you on both sides.
Jenny <><

Missie said...

I'm hoping more friends start blogging again soon.

krissy knox said...

Hi, Joan. Although I go on it on occassion, I don't like Facebook. I am hoping we still stay a community on blogger and even expand. No, Jland does not have to be dead. It was a time and a place, true, but it was, and will always remain a people -- a tribe -- Tribe Jland! And we shalll always know each other and cannot be separated, will always be friends, whether we were on AOL, are on Blogger or some of us will be on Wordpress or somewhere else. The blogging platform doesn't matter, it's about the people! If we want to stay in touch, please everybody add your name to the directory that has been created: from jland to blogger. Here is the URL: I will be adding new blogs soon. If you don't find a particular blog listed, please check the comments section also. And please add your own blogs if you haven't done so already! I hope more people get back to blogging. FB isn't for everyone, and isn't archived the way blogging is. People some day will perhaps be disappointed if they don't keep up with their blogs. Merely a thought... I'm hoping we get some of the community back that we had before when we were on AOL. I'm attempting to start a blog -- a central blog -- in which we can all be a part of again and participate on again, like when we had magic smoke, something that will keep us together as a community, bc that was important to have a connection with our friends. i will tell everybody about it soon. it will include jlanders and others around the blogosphere. come by my blog soon to find out more about it. i will announce it on my blog. my blog address is, as many know, Thanks, joan and jlanders! krissy aka fisherkristina :)

Ally Lifewithally said...

It is ages ago since you made an entry to your blog ~ but it is so nice to be able to catch up with you ~ Ally cx