Sunday, 18 January 2009

Hiya peeps.........yep, I am still around but fast becoming a shadow of my former self!!!! I am currently 31/2 stone lighter than when I last posted, LOL, and feeling pretty good!!! Still a way to go but not giving up this time until I get to my 'desired' weight!!! Plus I am not missing chocolate......which as many of you know I used to love with a passion.....I have not had any since middle of last summer!! Panic not though, I am still as ditzy as ever and plan to stay that way.......I am more confident with myself and I am actually beginning to like me!!!

Our little sweetheart Leah had her first birthday on January 14th, plus she took her first steps on that day as well!!!! She is such a little beauty......I will post some pics next time I post (promise I am back regularly now!!!)

Sascha is almost 1yr old now (1st February) and has turned into a lovely dog - still a puppy as such but a lovely doggy if you know what I mean!!! We still miss Sam as much as ever, but we are sure he is still least it feels that way sometimes!!

We are heading to Scotland at the end of March for a week, I made a vow towards the end of last year that we MUST have a holiday this year!! So I went a head and booked 2, LOL, Scotland at end of March and Devon mid September!!! I am so looking forward to it.....we need a break to unwind from all the hassle we had in was not a good year for us at all apart from Leah's arrival and Kevin and Lucy's wedding!!

I am definitely giving up the contract with BT as soon as the 18months are up!!! It is a nightmare.....and way too expensive - as usual the small print hides a multitude of sins and the home hub deal we got is not a wonderful as it is made out to be!!! I hate to say it but AOL is looking very good in the equation at the moment despite the problems I had........but I will be investigating big time before I finally change us over this time!!!

Well, time to go and get some lunch - not sure what I am going to have but possibly a salad of some sort!!! Yes a salad on a cold day - my tastes have changed that much and I have given up chips as well - in fact I have hardly eat potato at all now!! TTFN everyone, love to you all

Joan xxxx


Jeannette said...

Hi Joan, nice to see you back again! Well done for sticking to the diet, I did it once and lost 5½ stones in all! You do begin to realise there are better things out there than chocolate and spuds don't you? I love salads now! Happy belated birthday to Leah and happy birthday to Sascha! 1st February is my grand daughters birthday! I didn't know BT were that bad; I've gone over to AOL Talk so have no phone bills as such, just the line rental. How's Alfie doing? Hope he's well. Enjoy your holiday if you don't do another entry before you go, Andy and I are off to the Caribbean on a cruise at the same time you go to Scotland. I know you'll have a great time, I love Scotland. I've just started a new journal to replace my AOL one, it's at New journal Jeannette xx

Kath said...

Hi Joan I have wondered wher you were many times I hav ehtought about you.Happy to read all seems to be going fine with you and yours.Happy Belated Birthday greetings to Leah and Sascha too.WOW thats some weight loss Joan,"Didn't she do well" as Brucey would say lol!!I hope you have a fantastic break in Scotland.Looking forward to reading more.I know lots who have hopted back to AOL be them a pain or not at times.Take Care God bless Kath xx

Marie said...

Hi Joan! So lovely to see a posting from you. Congrats on the weight loss!! How wonderful. You must be so proud and for good reason!! I need to follow your example!

ADB said...

Well done in losing the weight, Joan. Better think twice about AOL - got a bad feeling about that company. Not just on account of journals. Anyway, enjoy your trip north in March

Jenny said...

Congrats on losing the weight, i seem to have had the munchies since xmas but started back swimming again today.

Jenny <><

Sara said...

Joanie Joan :o)

Wow, that's a real achievement m'dear, losing such alot of weight!! I bet that you look and feel just fabulous :o)

I've moved to sky, but only just, so any probs with them I've yet to find!


Angie said...

I moved from AOL to Virgin Media. No complaints so far and there is a free 3-figure number that customers can ring to get help, whether it be for phone, tv or internet. At least once you've logged on you stay logged on!

3½ stones - are you brill or what! You must have shrunk out of everything now. Or maybe shrunk back into a few too?

Good to see you posting again. I thought you had maybe packed up. Glad you haven't.

Keith retires in October (well, he thinks he is but he hasn't seen my list yet). He has all these big ideas about going on expensive cruises and things. WHAT????

love, Angie, xx

Jan said...

Joan ,what a lovely surprise to see an entry from you ,Clever girl losing all that weight very well done !Cant believe little Leah is one ,where did that year go ? how is Alfie ,yes you must post some pictures SOON ,good idea getting those holidays booked ,it wont be long now till the first one Jan xxx

Joan said...

Hi Joan, this is a surprise an entry from you after so long well done on the weight lose thats great wish I could shift some pound or even ounces. Hope you will be back soon. LOve Joan

Denise said...

Oh well done you, I have a few pounds to go before I can say 3 stones, it's well worth the hard work.